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The Center of the Circle: on priestessing with presence

What if to carry presence and magnetism was to surrender to the sacred obligation of unprecedented vulnerability? What if charisma was truly a priestess, well practiced in the art of allowing their self to be seen in ways only reserved for the sacred? What if our power lies in our ability to surrender to a landscapre of admissions, memories, aspirations, and secrets? And what if this surrender was what it meant to speak and move at the speed and grace of a divine thought, embodying the power of a leader?

In this workshop, we will explore our relationship to poetry, language, and our kinaesthetic awareness, to unravel how the priestess magnifies their presence in the ritual circle. How we may be more honest, more vulnerable, allowing ourselves more deeply to wrap our cosmic chaos around the sacred obligation of priestessing a ritual.  

The Elements of Magic is a class taught in the Reclaiming Tradition, an anarchist, ecofeminist, non hierarchical tradition of Witchcraft, founded by a collective of changers including Starhawk in the Bay Area in the 1980’s, and is based on the Anderson Feri Tradition.  We explore the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  We learn the cultivation of sacred space, honouring divinity, working with magical tools, altar building, embodiment, drumming, singing, building energy, spell casting, ritual design, and very importantly, exploring what it means to be our own spiritual authority.

About the word Witch: We understand this word is loaded and has a history of negative connotation. However, within the Reclaiming Tradition we reclaim this word as its original meaning of healer, wise-one, one who is connected to the land and serves to steward the land, and seeks to understand and honour the powers of nature and the connection between all things.

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In Rites of Passage we explore our dreams.
We learn to ritually and magically work with them through the lens of myth, stories and faery tales.
We discover how life is tending each of us in our own Rites of Passage. The skills of trance, dream magic, aspecting (divine possession) and storytelling are woven together with these tools of myth and legend
into a story where we explore and recognise more deeply that we are the heroic ones of our troubled times.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. And yet like any hero’s tale we will encounter blocks and obstacles that must be overcome or resolved. We are not on this journey alone; we will find helpers along the way and dive deep into ourselves to bring out what was there all along. We will deepen our skills as collaborative priestesses and co-create the magic together as we sift through the stories of our lives, our own rites of passage and how that supports the collective work ahead of us. We become vehicles to empowerment and magic moving out into the world and to mark our journey we will create our personal Rite of Passage.

Rties of Passage is the fourth in a series of four foundational core classes within the Reclaiming Tradition: The Elements of Magic; The Iron Pentacle; The Pearl Pentacle; The Rites of Passage.


The Iron Pentacle is another class taught in the Reclaiming Tradition, is an exploration of our power, authority, light and shadow. This class is a powerful component to growing our power through acknowledging our human birthrights and pealing away the layers of our shadows’ outmoded defenses and cultural hexes. We will dive into the unknown, subconscious part of ourselves in the process so that we may emerge with a grounded sense of who we are in the world with a greater knowledge of how to wield our power in service to justice in its many forms.



The Iron Pentacle is the second class in a series of four foundational core classes within the Reclaiming Tradition: The Elements of Magic; The Iron Pentacle; The Pearl Pentacle; The Rites of Passage. 

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Love – Law – Knowledge – Power/Liberty – Wisdom are the points on the pearl.

We will explore these points using ritual, trance, song, and discussion, and embodied practices as a way to understand what it means to use personal power with awareness, integrity, clarity and potency for our own healing and the healing of community.

Each point of the Pearl Pentacle radiates through us and into the world, offering the powerful and visionary qualities of Love, Law, Wisdom, Liberty/Power and Knowledge. We become the conduit through which the Pearl can flow into the world, as we honor and celebrate the sacredness of life and the Earth. This pentacle provides a framework for developing self and group awareness, building intuitive skills, and for stepping into one’s power in the world.

Within the container of class we will use ritual, movement, meditation, trance, chants, and drumming to explore the points and connections of the Pearl Pentacle and how its powerful energy can be shaped and channeled into our lives.

The energy of this Pentacle is full of depth and healing, the ability to turn wounds into jewels, a great companion tool in times of challenge.