B C   W i t c h c a m p
Sunday, Aug 26, to Saturday, Sept 1, 2018


Path Offering: Embodying the Magic of Ritual: Mapping the Invisible through the Art of Theatre, co-facilitated by Ravenna and Willow

We send our call to those of you drawn to the path, practice or study of ritual priestessing as we explore the sacred nature of theatre in the role of the priestess.

This path invites the remembrance of rituals as the first form of theatre and performance, where it was believed that collective vibration held the spheres of the cosmos in place, and the speaking of the unspeakable in public healed the community.

We invite you to explore that the unspeakable may be where your power lies, that you have inherent worth, and that your personal story is one that makes you a powerful leader.

We’ll explore how to translate the potency of your own experiences and vulnerability into a universal language that cycles back to meet the intentions of your communities. This approach to priestessing means we will honor the importance of attending to the inner work of shadow stalking, ego and awareness of impact; creating a foundation for relentless support for one another, and a culture of healthy feedback.

We will use the arts of shape-shifting, aspecting, and trance as we follow the ritual arc, embodying the earth and animals as they dance and tell their stories. We will listen with our whole selves.

In this experiential path, we invite priestesses with solid grounding, processing and witnessing skills who are willing to take risks. Join us in a holistic experience of ritual, involving body, mind and spirit.


British Columbia Witchcamp (BCWC) is a community of like-minded people who come together each year for one week to celebrate, learn, teach, and be together as community. We celebrate the earth as sacred. We honour the wild and work together to unify spirit and politics. BCWC is one of many camps following the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft.

“Our teaching, rituals, and spiritual practices are designed to develop personal and community empowerment, that combination of self-confidence, independent thought, intuition and engagement with the world that enables us to live by our principles and stand up for what we believe in.” -Starhawk

BCWC will be celebrating its 31st year in 2018, at Evans Lake, British Columbia, with a powerhouse teaching team, a dedicated organizing crew, and most importantly of all, a camp-ful of sparkly witches — and perhaps one of those is you. We invite you to take some time to read the information on this website, and of course to register if you feel called to do so. For ways to stay in touch with the BC Witchcamp community,
check out our Contact Us page.

We acknowledge this land that we come together on is unceded Squamish Territory.  We were honoured in 2017 to receive a formal welcome from a member of the Squamish People at camp, and are committed to developing this relationship with the Squamish People.

If you would like to register for BC Witchcamp this year, click here.